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ASI Projects

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ASI Project 2016 - 2017
Videos and Handouts

Joint Project 2015 – 2016


During the convention of the Orff-Schulwerk Forum in July 2015, the idea of a joint project was proposed. The associated schools and institutions as well as guests could take part and the results of the projects would be presented at the convention in 2016.

The aims of this Joint Project 2015 – 2016 were:
  • to show the model character of the volumes,in which each piece cannot only be interpreted in different ways but also developed individually
  • to creatively develop one or more pieces from the volumes for and with a specific target/age group(s)
  • to document the work in order to share it with the other ASIs and participants at the Convention 2016
  • to share, learn und be inspired by one another
A number of pieces from the Orff-Schulwerk volumes were chosen for elementary, immediate and advanced levels. Each teacher, school or institution could choose the piece or pieces to work with according to the age group and standard of their students. Each teacher decided which group/groups to work with, which piece(s) were suitable for which groups, how to develop, extend or adapt the material as well as how to include characteristics of their own culture.
The suggested models were:


1.     Rhythmic Rondo, OSW English (Margaret Murray MM edition) Vol. I p. 67
e.g. Find words, use small percussion instruments, improvise, compose interludes

2.    Tulipan, OSW Spanish Vol. I p. 21
e.g. speak, find melody, rhythmical accompaniments, use one’s own nonsense syllables
parameters (loud-quiet, fast-slow, tutti – solo …)

3.    A chosen song from one’s own culture
e.g. danced, instrumental accompaniment, dramatize, interludes, paint/draw….


1.    Short pieces for barred instruments OSW English (MM), Vol. IV. p. 46
Duets on different instruments, compose a suite, dance, accompany, find text, minature dramatic scenes etc.

2.    Pieces for recorder, OSW English (MM) Vol IV. p. 48
Arrange for other (not Orff-) instruments that children play, extend instrumentation, extend the form, dance….

3.    Rhythmic Rondo, OSW English (MM) Vol. I p. 67
Body percussion, percussion, improvisation, interludes, dance, invent text…


1.    Pieces for recorder and drum or other instruments, OSW English (MM) Vol. IV. p. 78
Play on other wind instruments, dance etc…

2.    IV Mixolydian. Scaffolded ostinati, Paralipomena, p. 64
Improvisation parts for instruments that young adults play, interludes, extended form, dance, graphic notation etc.

3.    Dance Vivace, OSW English (MM) Vol. IV. p. 53
Extend choreography, vary the instrumentation etc., own rhythmic study for body percussion and/or percussion as a group composition.


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